Michael Kors Opportunity

Since this is my first post I wanted to welcome you to Fog + Fringes! I wanted to create a space where I can openly share my thoughts and passions so if you’re following along, I’m happy to have you xx!

What a crazy summer it has been, I will be posting a different blog soon about all my experiences in Malta but for right now I want to talk about a specific opportunity I received towards the end of July.

While I was away, I received a completely random message on LinkedIn from a woman named Lauren Berger, someone I’ve never heard of! To say the least, as a student/soon to be graduate, I am super happy I virtually met her. Essentially, she went on to tell me that she noticed I was a Canadian PR student and she had a unique opportunity to offer me. A little background info, Lauren Berger is such a role model, she is based out of California and makes it her mission to help young professionals succeed in their industry!

“Berger is a champion for young ambitious people fighting their way to the top. Years ago, she was one of them. Today, she’s their hero.”

I’ll admit I was a skeptic at first because it all seemed too good to be true! After submitting my application, I was selected for a phone interview (yay!) and that was a little intimidating because it was a conference style call with 10+ girls all trying to achieve the same outcome. Good news is, I ended up being selected for this years #korsuniversity campaign.

On October 11th, myself and my MK/IQ fam are planning an exclusive event and I’m so excited to share my experiences with you via Fog and Fringes. Having this experience is merely a taste of the career I want. I always thought I wanted to do fashion PR and this is definitely a step in the right direction.


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