Tips for Travel Prep

Packing is a crucial part of everyone’s travel plans! I wanted to share with you some of the necessary items when traveling internationally.

  1. Carry-on Goods: This is so important because luggage can get lost so easily and nothing is worse than being stranded without the necessities. Your carry on is limited because security can be super tight about what they allow, especially when traveling over seas. Always pack an extra change of clothes, a couple extra pairs of underwear and your toothbrush!
  2. Swimwear: When I went to Malta I took 13 bikinis, however I went for 3 weeks and wanted to make sure that if I were taking pictures that I was documenting all my cute ‘kinis. This is not necessary for most trips but if you are traveling somewhere that is heavily aqua oriented (such as the Med Sea) then you cannot forget the bathers.
  3. Correct Currency: This was one of the biggest issues I faced during my trip. I had plenty of Euros for my destination (Malta) but I didn’t consider having a small portion of cash in the currency of my layover (London, UK.) Being faced with baggage fees and a missed flight I ended up being out an extra couple hundred dollars all because of marked up airport exchange rates.
  4. Travel Insurance: When you’ve already spent over $1000 on your plane ticket the last thing you want to think about is spending an extra couple hundred on ~travel insurance~ what even is that? I won’t need it… Nothing  bad will happen to me. WRONG. Something will happen, maybe not this trip or the next but one of these times something will go wrong and you will either be thankful you paid the extra dollars for the insurance or you’ll curse through the regret. Because of UK customs I missed my flight to Toronto from London, I would have been out an arm and leg if I didn’t have travel insurance, I would have had to pay for another flight, a hotel and food and water for 24 hours. No thanks!
  5. Clothes for the weather: Once again, rookie mistake, and my mother insisted not to but I 100% underestimated the heat and over packed, I probably had 15 articles of clothing I didn’t even touch because they were just too warm to even think of wearing. Knowing the climate is so important because then you have more room in your suitcase for shopping 🙂 hehe
  6. Purse mandatories: Sanitizer or some type of disinfectant is huge! Airplanes and airports are disgusting and ramped with germs. Also, if your anything like me, pack gum! Especially if you’re traveling on any small planes, chewing gum obnoxiously actually helps relieve the pressure in your ears caused by ascending and descending planes!

While there are dozens of things I could tell you to pack, to each their own! It all depends where you’re headed and for how long!

Safe travels xx.

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