“The place where you always need a sweater.”

Newfoundland, what a cute place. I’ve heard so much but to be honest, always had this weird notion that it was nothing more than a secluded rock. I’ve never been and I truly had no desire to go.

Flash forward to July, On our way to Malta, Maddie and I had a relatively long layover in Newfoundland. When I say “relatively long” I mean 6 hours to see the most of the provincial highlights as possible. To say the least, we managed to see more than we imagined and got to enjoy a great meal with some live entertainment.

Our fantastic tour guides Kimberly and Kathryn were true gems, they knew exactly what to show us and where to take us in order to make our quick experience one to remember.

I think for me personally, and maybe even Maddie too, going to Cape Spear was my highlight. Beyond being somewhere new to visit, I learned that this little portion of the world is actually the most easterly point in North America, COOL huh? To top it all off we saw WHALES. Dozens and Dozens of whales! The girls said they were there because of a type of fish that comes to the surface at that time of year but I have never seen that many whales all being so active at once. We were thrilled! After that we went for the typical tour of Signal Hill, don’t get me wrong,  that was fun too BUT after the whales, it was hard to surpass that same excitement. With only a couple hours left in Newfoundland, we went to eat dinner at Green Sleeves on George Street. We were sad to say bye to Kimber and Kathryn but this just meant two more flights and we were getting kissed by the Mediterranean Sun.



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