My Summer in Nora Swim

Nora Swimwear

My summer was extra special, not only because I got to visit my family in Malta but because it was my first summer in Nora Swimwear. Nora is a brand that thrives on making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and sexy. I’ve never been one to be visually insecure but behind closed doors is a different story. I purchased the Nora bathing suits that I felt flattered my figure the most. Wearing them made me WANT to take photos because I quite literally felt body-positivity radiating through my veins. Beyond all that, I think it is pretty cool that Ashley Lemmon (Founder of Nora Swimwear) launched such a successful company while living in the Maritimes. She made huge moves in only one year and as a result, she is a true inspiration for myself and many other young girls with similar dreams. I’m super excited for SS18 and can’t wait to see what is in store for Nora in the future.

Olivia (green) Drew (red)






xx ♡

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