Going Cruelty Free

In case you didn’t know, it’s 2017 and I’m sorry but if you haven’t figured out a better way to test beauty products than on innocent creatures… boy, BYE! I’ve had this goal in mind for a few months now and it has been an ongoing process but here’s what I’ve learned about going cruelty-free.


I have very combination skin, my skin is sometimes extremely dry in areas, while other times I have a very dewy glow and sometimes its shiny and dry all at once… honestly, it all depends on the time of year and what products I’m using! The challenge came last year when I wrote a speech for my writing class in regards to animal testing in the beauty industry… It wasn’t until I was extensively researching that I found out the horrific events happening and worse, that I was contributing to it by spending my hard earned money on brands that frequent this practice. I’ll admit that those products I fell in love with last year are greatly missed but I picked my battle, I’m still working on finding cruelty-free products to replace my old ones.


Sometimes, going for the brand that may not be in favor of furry friend and is a little bit cheaper is way more tempting… but I guarantee you that folks who shop at Sephora and are committed to spending $40+ on foundations have a big enough budget to be a little more cruelty conscious! Take your time, and ask for testers! I’m sure you will find a product just a great with a PETA approval stamp.



From the wise words of Cruelty Free Kitty, “If a company “only tests on animals when required by law”, it’s not cruelty-free!” Understandably so, brands are tempting by China’s ginormous market, from a business standpoint I 100% understand why they would want to expand their products and stores to this part of the world. With that being said, by doing so, a brand is making a decision to test on animals because that is legally required by Chinese law. Which ultimately ends up as a bit of an ethical/moral debate…

All facts considered it is definitely timely, and costly to uproot your entire beauty regiment to a cruelty free zone but it’s definitely worth it to at the VERY LEAST try to minimize your use of products by brands who exercise testing on animals. It’s soo crucial to do your research, brands change their regulations daily, for various reasons but there are plenty of resources that are always up to date! Visit the link below so you can start your cruelty free beauty take over today!


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