My Summer in Nora Swim

Nora Swimwear

My summer was extra special, not only because I got to visit my family in Malta but because it was my first summer in Nora Swimwear. Nora is a brand that thrives on making women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and sexy. I’ve never been one to be visually insecure but behind closed […]

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90s baby

Can we all agree that 90s fashion was… let me rephrase, the 90s, in general, feels like this alternate universe that was not only wild and rebellious but also just effortlessly chic grunge which is downright rad. I find myself constantly obsessing over 90s trends, 90s music, 90s red carpet looks, Winona Ryder (obviously), Kate […]

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Michael Kors Opportunity

Since this is my first post I wanted to welcome you to Fog + Fringes! I wanted to create a space where I can openly share my thoughts and passions so if youโ€™re following along, Iโ€™m happy to have you xx! What a crazy summer it has been, I will be posting a different blog […]

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